Live Casino

Live Casino

The live casino is the final step in bringing the online casino closer to the real-life experience. While online casinos play mostly simulated games like those you see in land casinos, Casino Brewloops bring the game into your room through your computer screen. At live casino you play real games with real tables, real chips and real dealers. Through many different cameras, baccarat, roulette or blackjack are streamed in high quality. Real people perform the actions you ask of them, giving you the feeling that you have stepped into a physical casino while not even having to move.

For a short time now, the Casino Brewloops has been delighting many gamblers with the advent of the live casino. One of the first games that could be played there was live roulette. One could bet online and be presented with a nice panel with different buttons to play with, as one would expect from the best online casinos. Only this time, the roulette wheel was real and was spun by a dealer that reached all over the world from the online casino’s studio. Many players raved about this concept, and soon live versions of other casino classics were found. Thus you now have live blackjack, live baccarat & live sic bo. Due to the great interest from consumers, it can be expected that more games will be made available in live format and that the industry will continue to grow quite a bit.

Live Casino Blackjack


Assuming that Blackjack is your favourite game and that you’re interested in playing at a live casino, then you’ll be happy to hear that European and Progressive Blackjack is the most popular live casino game at the moment. If you choose to play this game, you’ll compete against other players and not only against the dealer, just like blackjack at offline casinos.

Live Casino Roulette

Live Casino Roulette

Although Live Roulette does not enjoy the same popularity among gamblers as Blackjack, it certainly takes a close second place. Lightning or American Roulette is a game that depends entirely on chance, making players thirsty for the winning outcome. During Live Roulette, you will see a dealer spinning the wheel for you, just like at a land-based casino.

Live Casino Baccarat


Live Baccarat comes in as the third most popular live casino game. Although this table game is not the most popular among casino fans, the tables are still in demand by a large audience. As a result, sometimes you may find yourself sitting at a table where no one else is, but don’t be discouraged: the dealer will be there soon.

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