What are Jackpots?

What are Jackpots

You know the pot of gold that in fairy tales is located where the rainbow ends? Now, that’s a Jackpot. Whether you’re playing jackpot slot machines or any other game that offers a progressive jackpot, you have the chance to win a super cash prize with every hit. These sensational winnings are available on many Casino Brewloops games: the Jackpot is an extra amount, usually a very large amount, available on top of the normal casino game winnings. There are different types of Jackpots:

Fixed Jackpots – Players can win a fixed, predetermined amount.

Local Jackpots – Players can win a Jackpot offered by the casino they play at, with potentially very high payouts.

Shared Jackpots – Players can win a Jackpot that is shared between different Slots on the same network.

Progressive Jackpots – Players can win a huge jackpot formed progressively by setting aside a portion of all bets placed.

Jackpots: A Brief History

Believe it or not, Jackpots have been in vogue since the late 19th century. The custom has been around since the 1870s among players of the famous Jacks or Better video poker game, now available at Casino Brewloops. Players would place their bets in a pot which would be awarded to the first player to hit a pair of Jacks or Better. Over the years, land-based casinos have gradually decided to include these jackpot games in their offerings, often with huge jackpots being awarded by the slot machines. However, the advent of online casinos has obviously helped increase the popularity of these games, and nowadays, it is common to find progressive jackpots worth millions. Among the richest and most famous jackpots are Millionaire Genie, Rise of the Pharaohs, Voyage of the Vikings and Irish Riches. Some of these are also available among the casino games you can find at Casino Brewloops online casino.

How Jackpots Work

Let’s get into the details of the mechanism that governs the Jackpots. Progressive Jackpots are the most famous ones because they can give away prizes worth millions. These jackpots are made up of all the bets placed on the jackpot game; with each bet, a portion is withdrawn to form the progressive jackpot.

It would help if you had a particular combination of symbols or cards to hit the jackpot: once the right combination is hit, the player wins the progressive jackpot. At that point, the counter starts again, and a new jackpot begins to form and goes to the next winner.

Jackpots offered by Slots

The progressive jackpots offered by online slot machines are the most fun ever: they reach very high amounts, often over a million C$, and are awarded by colourful and fun slots, which offer many game modes: Scatter symbols, Wild, free spins and elaborate mini-games that help to increase the winnings.

The strategy to win a Jackpot slot machine is a mixture of luck, skill and mathematical calculation. In short, it involves calculating the chances of hitting the jackpot based on the expected return to player (RTP) and the game’s volatility. Then you have to choose the right game and hope for the help of a star, a sprite or, more simply, the reels. Some of the richest Jackpot Slots are on Casino Brewloops, including Pirates Millions, Steampunk Nation and Gods of Gold.

Casino Jackpots are also available on mobile devices, both on iOS and Android. Thanks to the Autoplay feature, it’s easy to try different slots during the same gaming session, easily switching between them. At Casino Brewloops, you can also start playing Slots for free, thanks to the free bonus awarded to new players after registration: the best way to approach Jackpot Slots.

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